Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day and a friend of mine posted this link to a little video that shows the life-cycle of bottled water. It got me thinking a bit, given that there is a very strong push to be more environmentally friendly - why are we still using bottled water? Ok, my thought was a little harsher than that... are we really so stupid to believe that our tap water isn't safe?

I started thinking about what drew me to buy bottled water. I remember in 2nd year when my roommates and I would split cases of water every time we'd go for groceries. The allure for me was that given we remembered to put the water in the fridge, I'd always have cold water. So... I was buying bottled water just to have a glass of cold water? I soon learned the error of my ways and became anti-bottle and bought a Brita Filter jug.

Today, after watching that video link I started to re-consider my choice once again. There is nothing wrong with the water here in Waterloo yet I'm still paying $4 per filter just to get a cold glass of water? Erica, you are stupid. I am disappointed in myself that it took so long to see this.

Now, I think I've come to a pretty good, and final, decision on my drinking water. I want a cold glass of water. I have a 4L juice jug in my cupboard. Bye-bye Brita, I'm now committing to using just that jug and drinking straight tap water which I can easily keep in the fridge for much cheaper than bottles or Brita. Alas, I finally have my coveted chilled glass of water and I'm doing it the right way.

Come to think of it, just about every house I visit has a Brita jug in the fridge. What's the point? So today, on World Water Day I ask you to reconsider your drinking water choices, maybe save some money for yourself and help us all be a little more environmentally friendly.

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  1. We still drink water from the Springs. Which reminds me I might need to purchase a water cooler to keep the water in now!