Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview questions

I was listening to the radio today and in a Barbara Walters-style interview, the interviewer asked:

What do you know for sure?

What are you most certain of? What can you rely on 100%?

Being all fancy-like, the interviewee responded "I know that life is short" while this is a very reasonable answer I feel like I could be a little more personal.

Here are 2 answers I came up with... which aren't very original but will hopefully get you thinking about your own answers:

- I know I love my mom, dad, and brother and I know they love me.
- I know that I would rather be 10+lbs overweight than stop eating all the foods I love

The next question, which is a bit of a cliche but still fun:

Who are the 5 people that you would have for dinner, alive or dead?

The interviewer had what I think to be a great answer. She said she'd have her grandmother, her own mother, and her children so that they could all be together and to see how they would act around each other.

I think I'd agree with the grandmother thing. All of my grandparents died while I was in my teens. I'd love to hear them talk about their childhoods and coming to Canada.

These questions got me thinking of conversation starers so I looked a few up, here are some of my favourites:

1. What song or songs do you know all the lyrics to?
2. What did your favourite birthday include?
3. What are you afraid of?
4. What is your best, most useless, skill?

(My answers:
1. way too many Disney songs
2. Surprise 16th birthday, 2 months before actual bday
3. Sharks, deep water, scary movies
4. curling my tongue and shaking my eyes)

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