Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ignite Waterloo 2

Last night I had the most delightful pleasure of presenting at Ignite Waterloo v2.0

When I first decided to do this I was a bit conflicted. The pros and cons were getting pretty confusing. It's only a 5 minute speech... so pick something familiar to most. No notes allowed on stage... pick something familiar to me. Slides are auto-advanced... so pick something with lots of points or something that doesn't rely heavily on slides. Audience is techy super dorks with a good sense of humour... cater to that somehow. In the end I chose to talk about roundabouts.

When it comes to public speaking I'm decently confident in my abilities but can't seem to shake the nerves within 20 minutes of speaking. I should really be over this by now. I'll work on that. Not only that but the group of presenters seems to ooze experience and confidence which they seemed to have snagged out of thin air. Teach me your ways!! Well in the end my speech was very well received and I feel good about it... I think I may have even converted some haters into lovers... or at least reconsider-ers.

Once again I was amazed at the unique and diverse personalities that are in the Waterloo community. There are so many brilliant and hilarious people in this town!

This event truly has something for everyone, with each speech lasting only 5 minutes it's easy to be engaged and difficult to be bored. That and the Children's Museum has awesome food and a great atmosphere. For other wonderful comments and photos on the event please visit:

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Photos by Sean M. Puckett
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  1. Great Blog Erica! I just found this one & now I'm a follower ;) Cheers!