Friday, March 12, 2010

Doing things a bit differently

Given that I've lived my entire 24 odd years with one hand, I've certainly developed some stories that are not so common to most. I find myself describing how I do something (eg: tying my shoes) and hearing the response "I never thought of that". I suppose that makes sense though given that all you nice people do things a bit differently than me, I also have a hard time understanding why everyone uses two hands to put on socks. Next time, try it with one. Below I've shared a few stories about my unique experiences growing up and how I learned to do things a little differently. Is there something you do especially different than the rest of us?

1. I needed help washing my hair well into my teens. With one hand and a ton of hair it was difficult to get all the soap out and so my mom would come in and help me rinse it out. I was no wonder that my mom was always pestering me to cut my hair. After all she was doing 100% of the maintenance from washing it to brushing it to braiding it every single morning! I really had no part of it. Thanks mom. In first year I chopped off all my hair for a fundraiser and I have never let it grow back past my chin.

2. I learned to tie my shoes when I was 12. I also figured it out on my own. I remember sitting on the end of my bed with my white Keds tennis shoes making 2 bunny ears and figuring out how long they needed to be to get it to stay in the bow form. To this day I use the 2-bunny-ear method and have no idea how to do it the way the majority of the population does. My dad also uses the bunny ear method (he has both hands).

3. I learned to ride a 2-wheeler bike when I was 12 (it was a big year for me!). I had a 2-wheeler for a long time but it always had training wheels on it. It was never an issue though. I never felt like I was slower or worse off than the rest of the neighbourhood kids (thanks guys). It was just what I did. I remember getting on the neighbours little red, banana seat bike and going 15 feet, it was the best thing ever.

4. I have a very hard time seeing myself on camera. As it is so natural for me to be as I am, I don't really consider myself different. When I see myself on camera my thought is 'is it REALLY that much shorter?' as if I expect myself to look like everyone else.

5. Enough about my slow progress... I can knit! I learned to knit when I was in grade 8. The woman who taught me simply gave me the needles and showed me how to move the tips. I'm not an especially good knitter but lets accept small victories here.

Is there something you never quite mastered as a kid? I seemed to struggle with the monkey bars... har har.

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