Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pissed Off Doggie Business

Does any one else immediately want to blog when they get pissed off?

Here's the jist of it...

Boomer, my dog, is pretty awesome. He's cute, funny, and his behaviour has improved so much since I got him almost 2 months ago. I'm so proud of my little guy! Boomer walks very well when he has his Halti collar on but walks very poorly without it. I have not tried him on a harness mostly because the Halti is working fine so why spend the extra money. FYI - a 'Halti Collar' is a gentle leader collar, it goes over their snout but it's not tight. If the dog pulls, the collar tightens on their face, which dogs hate and so they relax. They are pretty common in these parts. They also make people around you more comfortable as it can act as a muzzle so the liklihood of being bit is decreased. Boomer's problem is that he really likes other dogs. Boomer LOVES other dogs. I could take Boomer to the dog park and leave him there and he would not even know I was gone. However, when we pass other dogs while Boomer is on his leash & Halti collar, he barks at them. Which brings me to this morning.

I wak outside to talk him for his morning walk. We cross the street and coming in the opposite direction is an older woman (I'd guess 55+) with a walker and a seeing-eye dog, or at least an assistance dog of sorts. Well crap. So I start walking and Boomer starts barking. Thankfully, her dog doesn't flinch. Side-bar: assistance dogs really are amazing. This woman however yells at me. Something to the effect of "You need to control your dog, I shouldn't have to walk down the street in fear that my dog is going to lose control, get a harness for that thing." Umm...what? Ummm... last I checked we can't all have perfectly behaved dogs.

I'm pissed off because this woman used her disability agaisnt me. (I'm not sure what it was, I don't think she was blind as she knew boomer wasn't in a harness.) She yelled at me as if it was my responsibility to make sure her day is without distrubance. What a piss-off. i'm sorry this woman is so miserable and needs to yell at a 20-something and her cute dog just so she feels better about herself. Lady, I'm sorry for YOUR cute dog who is so well behaved because you probably never rub his belly or accidently drop a peice of dinner on the floor.

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