Sunday, August 02, 2009

SS Update... doesn't deserve a number

I had a bit of a crisis this weekend. I don't really feel like writing out the whole thing... mostly because it doesn't deserve to be put down and chronicled and I don't really feel like re-visiting it. The only details that matter are that I genuinely did nothing wrong and I was called a... STUPID CRIPPLED WHORE by a real live human being.

Never in my life have I faced such judgment. Never in my life have I ever known humankind to have such anger and rage. Never in my life do I ever want to re-live this or a similar situation. The person said it to me and I was destroyed. I know from the deepest spot of my entire being that I am none of those things, that didn't make it hurt any less though. After everything I realized how incredible my friends are and how I could not ask for more judge-free, welcoming, understanding, and caring people to be surrounding me.

My friend Andrew picked up his phone FIVE times in the middle of the night as I sobbed. His immediate reaction was that he had no reaction, he was in shock. He listened to me wail on the phone for far too long than necessary. I am so grateful to have him as a friend.

My housemate Adam, who was watching the dog for me, not only stayed up with the dog (who had been barking) and waited for me to get home but had the immediate reaction to say "Do you have his address, can we go kick the shit out of him?" (Oh revenge, you can be so tasty) He was patient and understanding and I couldn't ask for more.


  1. That is terrible! You should have just punched them in the face!

  2. Oh the swear words that are running through my head right now towards this ignorant asshole!I'm with Marcia about punching them in the face.

    I hope you are feeling better and I'm really sorry you ever had to encounter such hater.

    You are awesome and NEVER doubt that!

  3. This guy is OBVIOUSLY an asshole. I will fight him.

  4. Can we go kick his ass?