Thursday, August 13, 2009

SS Update D6&7

EIN has been a bit more 'datey' rather than 'cooky'. I AM working on making a unique cooking website, I'm even going to have my own domain name! It's coming... very soon...

In other news, I've had a very pissed of week. I've already spoken about a conversation I had on Sunday... which was pretty crappy. Well that date happened. Here are the details... what are we on now, D6? Let's say D6.

D6 shows up, good sign. He's very cute and is wearing a perfect outfit. Do guys where 'outfits'? Whatever, what he is wearing is great. Me, D6, and SuicideBoomer head into the park, chat chat chat, sit down, chat, chat, chat. Eventually it's getting dark and buggy so we head back to my porch, chat, chat, chat. I have to get to another function and we've been chatting for a bit so I walk him to his car. Now, explain to me what I did wrong.... I had a good time with him, I'm attracted to him, I suggest meeting up again. That makes sense to me... but apparently not to D6. So he goes on to say... very un-clearly... that he doesn't think he can get over my little limb issue. COME ON!!! He was very unclear though... but that's what I got. He said he didn't see me fitting into his life and that I would limit him... or something? I'm really not sure. I pretty much say 'you're wrong' in a few more words than that... but whatever, if it's an issue then I'm not going to force anything. To his credit he was as polite as one could be in saying such USELESS CRAP and he apologized many times and admitted that he was acting naiive etc. BUT DUDE, COME ON. YOU ARE MAKING AN ISSUE OUT OF NOTHING.

Ok so whatever, that happened. What pisses me off the most is that all of a sudden IT'S AN ISSUE! It has never been an issue!! I feel stupid writing about it because this is way more time than this issue deserves!!!

ERICA HAS ONE HAND. That is the end of it, there is nothing more to it!! I live my life like any other normal 20 something single. I am independant, I have a car, a dog, a job... I get no special treatment, I do everything a normal person would do. There really is NO DIFFERENT. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID?? This is the end of this, it's not an issue for me so I never want to talk about it because there is nothing to talk about!!! I called my mom and told her about this and neither of us really knew what to say. I was upset because I think I thought I was supposed to be... but after 2 minutes I just didn't care. I don't even care about the fact that a guy I was on a date with said that... it's just the fact that it's all of a sudden an issue I'm supposed to deal with. It's not even that I SHOULD deal with it but CHOSE not to... NO, IT'S NOT AN ISSUE. Ugh, this is so over.

In other news, here's some info on possible D7. Messaged me on POF on Friday afternoon. Very cute 'I read your profile and it sounded like I was reading my own so I HAD to message you' very cute. I replied Saturday early afternoon. He replies Saturday evening (yay quick replies). I replied Sunday morning, He replies later Sunday morning with a super long reply... more replies later and we chat all evening on msn, great chat. At the end of the chat he says "I've enjoyed chatting, let's chat tomorrow" hey cool awesome. Monday evening we chat again, great chat! At one point I say "How about instead of sitting at our computers all evening we get some ice cream?" He says he has to go to his parents house but he'd be back later and maybe we can chat and maybe we can hang out Tuesday. Sure cool bye. Well, he doesn't make it back before I go to bed... and I haven't heard from him since... I'm a girl and I over-think everything and notice everything (ie: not online)... so ya, I'm a bit peeved. I'm peeved because he said we should chat later AND we should hang out and then... nothing... I realize guys are COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS on all occasions so I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I need to learn patience. Now, like ALWAYS, I've written this out and it feels completely stupid. Good day y'all!

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  1. I can completely relate.

    Because I'm infront of a computer all day, when I was on the dating sites I would obsessively check for replys and new messages and worrying why they didn't get back to me sooner. Forgetting that some people don't spend their days on a computer, or if they are on a computer, don't have access to the internet.

    Patience is definitely a skill that is very helpful in the dating processes!

    Or the guy could be a jerk, so keep looking...