Monday, August 03, 2009

General Update

My updates have been a little rare lately... between Monday and today I have worked almost 70 hours so my spare time has been spent lying on the couch trying not to think about work.

I obviously had a terrible time Saturday night but I'm hoping this week will bring better luck. My roommate has introduced me to one of his friends who I might ask out this week... and there's a cute guy I've seen at the dog park a few times.

On that note, my dog is the biggest ice-breaker around. For example, Boomer tried to hump cute-dog-park-dude's little boxer. Talk about awkward. "Sorry my dog doesn't have any class... my name is Erica" Hah, I'll have to work on my opener next time.

I posted a few recipes on a new site I'm using, have a look and let me know what you think.

Cream Cheese & Feta Pinwheels
Banana Bread/Muffins
First Date Salad (if any - make this one!!)

Hope y'all have had a great long weekend!

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  1. Do you read Pioneer Woman too? Try the mexican good!