Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Foodie Goodness

Very quick update...

Last week I made the following:


This is my favoutite - EVER!!! I double the sauce part at the end and it is great... I never put in cashews because I never have them... and I serve it with jasmin rice.... it is still FAVOURITE the next day after it has festered overnight... hot OR cold... sometimes I can't wait the 2 minutes to heat it up. I love it, you should try it and then let me know :)

I Also made this pie... which was ok. It's really important that you let it sit in the fridge for a bit otherwise you will have pie soup. It was pretty tasty, espesh with Ontario strawberries and rhubarb.


Juicy SS Update to come soon!! xxoo

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  1. I am going to totally try the strawberry rhubarb pie next week! Have you seen Jamie Oliver's new cookbook? The food revolution one? GREAT recipes.. love love love him!