Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summering, Single Style

I've been single for about a month and a half now. I've chosen to take dating very casually this summer, go on lots of dates, meet lots of people but I'm not going to dive into anything too quickly - a habit that has escaped me thus far.

What I've found so far...
Apparently it's easy to meet people in this town, but you really have to put yourself out there. I have been making an effort to make conversation with people everywhere. From the grocery store to the laundromat... everywhere.

What I've proven so far...
as my mom would say 'you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.' I have a feeling my summer is going to prove this all too well. Hopefully it won't be too much of an ego blow.

Date #1
Originally I met D1 at the bar as he is a friend of a friend. I met him we chatted, nothing really spawned from that. In our short encounter I did think he was cute so I asked my friend for his BBM (everybody and their mom in this town uses BBM it seems). We start chatting a bit, mostly about hockey. Eventually I get a message asking if I want to go for drinks. Sure, why not! (I am a big believer in the 'what have I got to lose?' mentality) He meets me at my place, we walk uptown and sit down for a pitcher. When I first met him he did come across as a bit of an asshole but while we are walking to the bar this mentality seems to have disappeared as he asks me about work and is surprisingly polite. Overall, a good start. We are chatting over our beers and I mention that I like to cook (which is pretty accurate considering it's my #1 hobby). Well, D1 replies with 'that makes sense, you're a girl... haha.' Um, really buddy? You're going to try and make me laugh with chauvinistic comments? Strike #1 for D1. I ignore him and move on, I mention a few things that I have had success with in the kitchen. Then he says 'I'm sure you're a great cook but I'm probably better... haha.' Ok, you need to work on your delivery a bit. Strike #2 for D1. At this point I'm just going to ignore these comments and move on. The rest of the conversation is fine and we eventually finish out pitcher. The bill comes, 1 pitcher, total $14.25. (Reminder: HE asked ME out). He pulls out $10 and says 'I have $10...' (which I implied to mean 'what do you have to contribute - didn't YOU ask ME out??) So I top off the bill to $17. He looks at me and says 'Aren't you generous, our waitress wasn't that good and tipping her well would mean you encourage poor performance' ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Firstly, that's a pretty average tip. Secondly, it's the difference of a couple of dollars! It's not like I was leaving a tip on a $200 tab. Strike #3 for D1.

D1 lives on my street so it is only logic that he walks me home. We get to my door and we are chatting and he says 'can I see your apartment?' So I say yes, he comes upstairs and we sit on my couch for a bit and then I tell him I have to work in the morning. so he should go.

Sorry D1, 3 strikes and you're out.
D1 was a #1 D-Bag. He was rude to me and pushy. This may for for other girls but it's not really what I'm looking for. I'd much prefer a gentleman.

D1 has since tried to contact me and... yes, it's bitchy... I have ignored him.

Date #2
This was a new experience for me - I met this guy online. I use 'Plenty of Fish' and D2 messaged me here, we wrote back a few times and he eventually asked if I wanted to get together. My weekend was pretty busy so I suggested meeting for ice cream and taking a walk in the park. As this was my first experience meeting someone online I was a bit careful - met him in a public place, mid-day, my roommate knew where I was. He had given me his cell number and we texted a bit before-hand, all very positive 'looking forward to meeting you' and 'I haven't done this either but it will be fun.' All good signs. The date was nice, pretty simple, ate ice cream, chatted, I would say successful. We hung out for just over an hour, which I think is decent for the first time you meet someone, don't be TOO ambitious. I had to leave for Hamilton anyway. So we finish our walk, he gives me a hug and says 'That was fun, maybe we can do this again' and I say 'Ya I'd like that, talk to you soon.' End of date. I head off to Hamilton feeling pretty good that I'm alive, he wasn't crazy, and I genuinely would like to see him again. Fast-forward to this morning (the date was yesterday around lunch)... I log in to POF and... his profile is deleted. Um, what does that even mean? I know this because I see his old messages in my inbox but there is no user name beside it... I click on the old message and it says 'this user has closed their account.' What does that even mean? So now I'm confused. After I left the date I figured I would message him later tonight or tomorrow morning with with something like 'I had fun, let me know if you'd like to make plans sometime.' Only now I can't do that... BUT I have his phone number. Should I call him? Should I pretend like I didn't notice? Does it even matter? It just seems a touch strange...

So that's my dating experiences so far this summer, I'll try to post more and hopefully you guys can provide me with some decent advice and I can instill some wisdom on you!


  1. Good call on for POF guy, it is possible that he enjoyed your date and decided to close his account so you don't think he's still looking. If he wanted to disappear easily I don't think he would have given you his cell number. Only text him if your gut tells you too, it's always right!

  2. Haha, that did cross my mind. I think I will text later tonight and see what happens. I'm trying to stay open minded and not take these things too seriously!