Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I spent a good chunk of time in my car today. I had my radio tuned to CBC and naturally heard the news again and again. Here are some of the stories and my useless (yet witty!) comments:

Harper to add more estrogen to his cabinet
I don't actually have a comment on the topic but rather on the fact that there were clips of Harper speaking. I heard his voice and was not reminded of anything. I have heard his voice so few times that I likely could not recognize it had he not been introduced or was talking about something random. I can recognize Obama's voice instantly, Stephane Dion's voice pretty quickly, etc. Do you agree that it's strange that I can't recognize my own Prime Minister? I'm not saying I did/did not vote for him... but he is still the PM... maybe I just don't listen to the radio enough.

Environmental Crisis
Some University in some country came out with a study that if we keep on as we are (wasting energy, resources, yadda yadda) we will need 2 earths to support us in 30 years.

Wait... what? Wait... we are wasting energy? Wait... I should start recycling? Wait... what?

This was NEWS. Root word being NEW. Come on.

Barack Obama's Infomercial
If i hear one more 'But before the first pitch of the World Series, there will be another pitch' or 'Obama is really pulling a fast ball'

Good thing I don't have TV because I might be tempted to throw something at it... like a baseball... or something.

Mmk, thats all. It was all pretty useless and uninteresting. Everything seemed so fascianting but after I'd heard it 4 times it was all useless. I think I will stick to my gossip columns and country radio.

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