Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Detroit took Nashville in 6 games... not so bad. The last game was a bit of a joke... oh well.

Monday night Montreal won 5-0 in game 7. It was a glorious game and they deserved to win. The mtl goalie (Carey Price) is merely 21 YEARS OLD!!! and a dreamboat.... call me ;)

Last night I turned the TV off when it was 5-2.... oh Calgary... You started so very strong... and then crapped the bed.... let's all hope the cup does NOT end up in California yet again. It was a great series to watch I must ad.

Onto Round 2 Predictions!!

Montreal vs. Philly... this is a tough one to call and also a historic battle. I am going to hope for Montreal in 6 but it could really go both ways. Briere does have highest points AND goals so far.... who knows!!

Detroit vs. Colorado... yet another tough match up! Detroit played supremely in their last game with Nashville, if they can keep that up then they will take it in 6 also. If they lose right off the bat I have an awful feeling Colorado could take it in 5-6.

Pittsburgh vs. New York... this is a tough call, Fleury (yet another young goalie at only 23) played really well against the Sens... I think I will stick with the Pens on this one.... in 5

SJ vs. Dallas.... no contest, SJ is going all the way. The are favourites and proved that in the series w/ Calgary

Ok whatever, no more hockey chat. I'm planning my trip to the East Coast and I'm pretty excited, I hope the weather holds up!!

No... I can't forget hockey... I have watched hockey everyday for the past 13 days... I'm sorry if you don't hear anything but HOCKEY for the next little bit...

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