Monday, April 07, 2008

Great weekend!!!

What a difference great weather makes!!!

This weekend I had the EngPlay. This is a play put on entirely by engineering students. This year it was 9 small skits, I starred in 3 of them. IT WAS AWESOME!!! My brother managed to make it to the Friday show and loved it, my aunts and cousins came to the Saturday show and thought it was wonderful also!!! My mom got some very sweet phone calls afterwards, too bad she couldn't make it. It is a bit of a drive.

Friday night was also the End Of Term (EOT) party. So after the play I headed over to the engineering lounge, had some drinks and then headed TO THE SPUR!!!

Side note: The Silver Spur is a karaoke bar in Waterloo, it is also 4 blocks from my house. I love going, it is almost always full of my friends and if it's not I ALWAYS make new friends. Oh, it is slightly sketchy but... I really don't notice it anymore. Thank goodness!

I sang Meatloaf, John Michael Montgomery AND Bon Jovi. What a great lineup!

Saturday was pretty relaxed. I got a much needed sleep in and then went for a run through the park. It was so sunny and tons of people were out walking. It felt really good to be outside.

DAVELA also came back to town to see my show. DAVELA is my roommate/BFF. He is my most favorite person ever. He is also moving to Saskatoon in 2 weeks. I am mildly upset. He's moving with his girlfriend, whom I love, so I really should just be happy for him. It's hard though considering we have only been a couple of hours apart for the past 4 years, if not just down the hall from each other. This past term has been awesome, it's been Dave, Me and Pete (lived w/ Pete since rez). We all got along so well and I will be sad to give that up.

ANYWAY, Dave and I went for lunch of PIZZA and BEER. What a combo. After which I came home and got ready for the last show!!

The show went really well, there were some extra lines thrown in that were... slightly raunchy. I don't think my family minded though. Afterwards I got 2 gorgeous bouquets of flowers and big hugs from everyone. What a great feeling! I love my family so much!!!

Saturday night was YET AGAIN The Spur... for a friends birthday. Dave and I went out with intentions of having tons of fun as it was most likely our last party night together. Well, we had fun. We sang, we danced, we laughed, we (I) almost cried. It was perfect. AND I didn't even have to wear a jacket it was so warm!!!

Sunday was more sleep in and then I decided it would be a great idea to do a work-out with my roommate... who is a work-out fiend. The first part SUCKED!! Sprinting and running is not my think it seems. Once we got to the park and started doing other things though it felt really good. He knows what he's doing and I kept up for the most part.

I was super exhausted when I got home but I felt awesome. Then it was COOKING TIME!! The agreement that Dave made with me was that if he drove up to see my show, I would have to make him dinner. I made chocolate cupcakes (per request), bacon wrapped tenderloin, roasted veggies, salad, and cheese/bread platter. Everything turned out great and Dave enjoyed it all also.

I know weekend updates are sort of boring but I had the BEST weekend so I had to write it down somewhere so I wouldn't forget it.

I hope it is sunny where you are!!!

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  1. Sounds likes a great weekend! I love that you (like myself) take such pride in your cooking by making sure everyone knows "what" you made when you made supper!