Monday, March 10, 2008

Some facts:

The University of Waterloo has approx 22000 students in a variety of programs, most famous for Math, Computer Science, and (my personal ball and chain) Engineering.

Engineering at Waterloo has an approx ratio of 8:1 (Guys: Girls). If you're female you're probably thinking 'Sweet, that's a lot of ass to be had!' If you're male you're probably thinking 'What a nightmare.' Well guys, you're right. As for you ladies, you're wrong.

And so continues my saga as a socialized female in a unsocialized male dominated nightmare.

Where am I going with this? Unsure. Mostly a collection of thoughts that have this theme. Onwards and Upwards.

This term I am working at the school so my social dynamic has varied little. The one change is that I have more free time without homework. I decided to put a bit more effort into my appearance and my dress. Namely, I do my hair and make-up everyday, I have also being trying to wear skirts to work 3/5 days per week. Personally I have loved this decision. I enjoy this time that I am committing to myself and it makes me happy doing so. It's the rest of the world that pisses the cheese out of me. And there's a lot of cheese in there.

The people that inhabit these walls have little social grace and even less fashion sense.

(Vertical Horizon - Best I Ever Had is on my radio, what a great song)

The effect this has on me is a constant parade of 'What's the occasion?' "Whoa, way to over-dress for school!' 'Who are you trying to pick-up?' Like really, are you kidding me? Have you really never seen anyone spend time on their appearance? I'm not even trying that hard!! Since when is a denim skirt with tights and a cute top 'trying hard'??

So, that's my dilemma. However, it makes me feel good so I can ignore the lack of social aptitude of this dungeon.

Next, I'm so sick of seeing people do the opposite of what I'm attempting. Sweatpants. Pajama pants. C'mon people. Do you have any respect for yourself? I'm cool to brush off first years, you don't know what you're doing, you want to have the true university experience. Whatever. I did it to. But now that you are a touch older, bring some respect to the table. You are trying to make a career, you are trying to get into grad school. Why not practise now and get used to it.

As I write this many many other spawns of ideas are being born. Namely, my social development over the past 5 years with no female friends, my immense attachment to any female characteristic I find myself showing... just to name a few.

As I'm nearing the end of my time here I am truly realizing what psychological terrors I have created within myself. Whether avoidable or inevitable, this is me now and I suppose it's a good thing that I'm recognizing it now instead of down the road. This way I'll be more accepting of the sexual harassment and social awkwardness I'll be exposed to and give the guys a break.

Erica + Engineering = Extremities of Love & Hate


  1. Sadly I am sweatpant and pajama queen :( But with that being said I can't wait to get out support work and into a career that cares how I dress!

  2. Wow reading some of that was like reading my brain. Especially the parade of comments at school, which invariably (for me) begin with "do you have an interview?"

    Sigh. We'll get out of here. The real world will be better... I hope.