Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm having a great day. Here are some pictures!!

These are the lovely ladies of Civil '09. Mostly my favorite people :)

I took a cookie decorating class last Winter, I learned a ton of stuff but much of it is quite tedious, these are my favorites.

This makes me laugh

I love this picture. Halloween '07. I Was Minnie Mouse, not 'slutty' minnie mouse, just the regular type. That's Jess in the corner... she's a slutty green crayon.

Erin is in my class and it was her birthday. It was also midterms. Instead of going out, I made a huge feast for us. That's my first roast beef, it was perfect. I'll never try again.

I went to a conference in Ottawa in October. I drove and we stopped at every cool place we saw. We are drinking milkshakes from this big castle shaped milk factory. We also stopped for pie from the Big Apple.

This is my family!!!
We are awesome.

This is my Dad and I. He's pretty awesome. Taught me stuff like grilled cheese sandwiches taste better when cut on an angle, how to drive, raw cookie dough is not dangerous.

This is an old picture of me and my dogs, Dexter and Molly. They were pretty much the best dogs ever.

Well, that's all for now. I pretty much started going through my Pictures folder and made it to the 'family' folder. I'll continue some other day and maybe make it to the 'Whistler' folder.

My weekend ahead includes doing (much deserved) NOTHING tonight. Can't wait. Tomorrow I have rehearsal for EngPlay and then a work/party thing. Bowling, beer, and food. My kind of party. Sunday is a dinner 'thing'. Between those 2 events I have to pull a bus 14kms. Yearly Engineering charity event. I also need to get new glasses, more contacts, passport photos AND go to the tea shop. I do this to myself. You know, stretch way too thin and never say no. I'm awesome.

Have an AWESOME weekend y'all!


  1. I love your editorial notes for each picture. They are 'awesome'!

  2. wow, I need a new word for 'awesome' and I need to stop using ''