Monday, February 25, 2008

A dash of spice

In 1996 I was in grade 6 and almost 11 years old.

In 1996 Spice Girls released their first full-length album "Spice"

It is only obvious that I was a Spice Girls fan along with every other girl my age and older. The Spice Girls lasted a few years, the same few years as my Junior High.

If you remember those years, then you undoubtedly remember Spice Mania. Clothing, dolls, candy, tattoos, toys, everything had the Spice Girls faces on it and it was only natural that your friends had pinned you as one of the famous girl powered women. I was Baby Spice for obvious reasons, though I always wanted to be Sporty, she was more of a Tomboy, like me.

It was complete pandemonium. Their success was being compared to that of The Beatles. It didn't matter that they were tacky with tacky music and tacky lives, they were heroes to every pre-teen girl across the world. Myself included.

And so on this day, some 12 years later, I am pleased to announce that I will be seeing these fabulous women, all grown up, families in tow, in Toronto for their reunion tour. Not only is it their reunion tour but the show I am seeing is the last show of the tour. I hope to be smothered in nostalgia as I belt out every lyric to every song and every dance move to accompany it. Wish me luck.

Say you'll be there.

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