Thursday, May 10, 2007

My new digs

So far in Calgary I have learned the following:

- The roads will wreck your alignment, resulting in fun mechanic bills!
- You can't walk anywhere
- Everyone here drives EVERYWHERE
- Too many people smoke
- The recycling program is not very good - they only take paper, cardboard and glass - no plastic!! I cringe every time I put a plastic bottle in the garbage, ya when was the last time you had to do that!
- The weather is very nice during the day, sunny and nice, however it drops very low at night. The difference between night and day temperature is like 20 degrees. Brr!
- Baking here SUCKS! Calgary is not even that high (about 3200 ft) but it still makes my cakes flat. Thank goodness they still taste good! I'll be sticking to cookies and pies.
- It's a very big little city. As in the downtown is a misrepresentation of how many people actually live here.
- Gas is not cheap, though I have no idea what it is at home. It has been 108.9 constantly for the past week. Has not changed once.
- Old Dutch is everywhere and it is grand!
- There are many cool things to see: Drumheller, Lake Louise, THE ZOO! Lots of weekend trips.
- The Stampede really seems like it will be as crazy as I've heard... yay people coming to visit!
- There are no big highways (see: 400 series highways) but there are enough people to warrant them.

Observation: Toronto has been a big city for a long time. It looks like a big city, it has the amenities a big city needs. When you are in Toronto you feel like you are in a big city. Calgary on the other hand is home to more than 1 million people (That's HUGE! - Toronto (excluding GTA)is about 2.5 million and Montreal is just over 1 million also) Calgary does not feel like a big city. Now this could be good if you just didn't like the city but that's just not it - it is failing at being a city! The economy really needs to catch up on the growth. There is such a labour shortage. I could get a job working at 7-11 for $10/hour WITH benefits. What a deal! In conclusion Calgary is way off balance and needs to peace the spork out already.

I guess I just need a bit more time to settle, give the city a chance before I form (harsh) judgements.


  1. Carmen10:34 AM

    I love that you have decided to attribute the elevation of Calgary to why your cakes are flat. Hope things get better:)

  2. The higher altitude makes for difficulties in rising! I swear, you can check the Joy of Cooking!

    I'm a good baker! Really...!