Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cooped up!

For me it is hard to beleive that someday I will (hopefully) have a long-term job. When I think about it my thoughts are "It had better be pretty exciting to keep me interested!" and "How many mores years until I can have 4 weeks vacation?" So I have those thoughts and then what immediately follows is "Man I sure sound like a lazy bum!". I do understand the value of hard work (do you know my parents?) and I know that if I want any money ever I'm going to have to work for it and really I'd be so bored doing nothing anyway. Am I doomed to hate getting up in the morning for the rest of my life?

I'm glad I can safely say 'no' to that. Last term I had such a blast on my co-op. The biggest thing was that I felt important and that my contribution was necessary for the success of the team. It's a really great feeling! I've only had that once though and I've had 6 jobs! I guess I'm going to have to be pretty good at recognizing a good situation and really take advantage of it.

Again with my brain taking over... my next thought is "maybe this is the wrong field for me?". It scares me because I cannot answer that question confidently! I figure eventually I will sway in one direction and decide my fate... which will hopefully be "I am in the right field!" When will this happen and what got me this far without answering it?

How do people really decide what they want to do with their lives? It seems to me that it's not always a choice, it's often a job you get "just for a bit" and then end up being promoted or whatever and then thinking "well I guess its not so bad" and besides, who wants to quit their job, re-write their resume, and find a new job with the possibility that it may take a while? Not many. Hardly ever do we choose a job based solely on what we want to do, and rather on when is necessary for us to do. There are some, but not many that have their 'dream job'.

My dream job would look something like this:
- Somewhat active, that is not sitting all day, don't mind walking a lot
- Social, lots of human interaction
- Social, lots of after-work stuff like hockey team etc
- Outside on occasion, not just walking to my car
- Interesting and full of new things to learn
- A 'team' atmosphere, everyone is important
- Understanding of life commitments like family
- And to be greedy.... a pasty chef at a great restaurant... but that's just getting picky

Now that I've made this list I guess I will just have to keep it in mind when I choose my job instead of being blinded by a huge salary or something equally intimidating.

Have a nice long weekend!

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