Friday, February 02, 2007

So after almost a month and a half I have 2 minutes to write.

This school term is the busiest I have ever known. I can't even explain, its as if I'm in a permanent exam period. This means I cannot justify leaving home unless its to go to class. It sucks alot. It means I can't do any of the things I want to do with my friends like have a wine and cheese, make dinner for my roommates bday, spend time with my mom this weekend. There should be a rule about that by the way, if your family has to travel more than 2000km to see you, your homework should be cancelled. Instead I have way too much. It sucks so much. I get up in the morning, go to school, usually work on homework during any breaks, come home, eat, do more homework until way too late, sleep for very few hours. It's not exams, its just regular school. Actually, I WISH it were exams because after you write an exam its OVER. These days after I hand in an assignment, there's another one due the next week!

So ya, that's why I haven't written anything....and probably won't for a while. No one wants to hear about this stuff anyway. Its not exciting. My mom is here, that's exciting. She will be gone on Monday and there will be nothing exciting left to write. Oh, I'm going to Whistler in 17 days. That's keeping me alive... just gotta get through the next 17 days... that's hardly any time at all! I can do this.

Hope all is better with everyone else!!

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  1. I like reading your blogs too! Glad to see you post again. :)