Monday, November 27, 2006

weekend etc.

A few things:

-Went to see "Wicked" Friday evening accompanied by 2 very fine ladies. It was pretty good, I think I had very high expectations for it so that kind of ruined it. It was good though, just not as good as I was hoping. It was a lot of fun to get all dressed up and such.
-Did a million errands on Saturday, got some xmas/bday gifts. Most notably however, I took my new cell phone in to "get fixed". I got this phone on Monday and it has a little memory card in it. Well the memory card goes in a little slot on the side of the phone. Well all week I have been trying to get this little piece of crap to stay in the phone and not pop out. I'm thinking "This phone is brand new, this can't be happening, I'm going to bring it in and tell them to fix it or I'm going to caused a fuss and I'm sure many others are having this problem and we all deserve refunds and this is simply not fair!!!". Well I get to the Telus store, show them what's wrong, get the response of "You just have to press it until it clicks - like this" *click*. Erica R. Waugh - Total Moron.
-Saturday night I made brownies to freeze for xmas. (The "Brownie" recipe for joyofbaking). This recipe has 24oz of semi-sweet chocolate in it. These brownies tasted like 24oz of semi-sweet chocolate. They were very good, however all frozen up in my freezer now.
-Sunday was my LL's Birthday Dinner so I got up early to get groceries and make the dessert and eventually the lasagne. Everything was really tasty however, I think we were all tired so it was a quiet dinner.
-Oh ya, I also worked on my Work Term Report but no one wants to hear about that.

This week I have to ... work on my work report, write 2 presentations, start my xmas cards and bake some more. I have my office xmas party this weekend so I need to think of what I'm going to wear and more importantly, who I'm going to bring. Oh yes, I will also be baking. More sugar cookies as well as muffins to freeze.

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