Thursday, November 30, 2006

They say that when you are sick it's best to sleep because your immune system can work best when you are asleep. What if you can't sleep? Well the answer is, you are sick forever. I know this because I have been sick for 8 days. I have not had a good nights sleep in about 2 weeks. Tuesday night I woke myself up because I heard my bed creeking violently. Turns out I was having a coughing fit in my sleep. Last night I didn't fall asleep until extra late because I had to sleep sitting. This was the only way that my sinuses would stay relatively clear. All in all it has been a brutal time for me. I have been trying to quit baking until I'm better because no one wants to eat cookies full of erica snot, but it's hard. I've been freezing alot of dough, figuring if I bake them when I am well, any sickness in the dough will bake off!!

Sometimes I gross myself out.

This weekend is Jesssssssssica's birthday so we are going out Friday night for that. Should be a good time, lots of people are coming out AND I have a new top. Woo! Saturday night is my work xmas party, I think it will be fun because I really like the people I work with and this gives us a chance to hang out in a more casual environment.

Oh yes, and I will be working on my work-term report. No woo.

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