Monday, November 06, 2006

on holidays

I just adore Christmas. Love it love it LOVE it.

And it's almost here.

I've tried to be a little more thoughtful with the gifts I will be buying this year. I have a little more freetime so it has been easier this year. I'm also trying to buy more unique things. A big part of that is it will keep me away from the mall. I love shopping more than acceptable but man I hate the mall at Christmas.

So the gift giving is awesome, I love planning everything out and knowing that someone is going to love what I got them. For instance, my parents don't really have alot of time to decorate etc. However, if you give them something they will use it. Like a new throw blanket will make it to the couch and framed paintings will make it on the wall. Also my brother and I have been away from home for so long that they only really have pictures of us when we were young. So all of this equals me putting together a set of pictures for Christmas. I finally have a picture of the four of us as well as a bunch of the dogs etc. I can't decide whether or not to get it done customly or to try and find a frame on my own. I still have lots of time and it's not like pictures frames are going to sell out before I leave on holidays.

Again with the holiday season comes baking. Oh baking. Oh oh oh baking. I cannot WAIT to bake for a week solid and then pack everything into my suitcase and cart it out to Calgary so that we can munch on Christmas goodness in the hotel.

Theres also the snow. Not the wet slushy stuff, but the dry soft stuff that crunches under your boots. It's so pretty.

I just can't wait.

What are your holiday plans?

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  1. Carmen4:47 PM

    FINALLY SHE POSTS! I faithfully check everyday and starting to worry you would never write again:)

    Are you coming back for x-mas this year? We're having x-mas here and then going to The Pas on Boxing Day (can't miss the social!).

    My friends and I are making truffles and christmas cookies in 2 weeks, and maybe a gingerbread house. I'm just as excitted about christmas. I wish it lasted longer.