Thursday, November 16, 2006

I decided to stop at the specialty baking store on my way home from work today, as it is conveniently right beside the bank where I also needed to stop. Anyway, it was a great idea initially because this store is so effin cool and they just have everything you could ever need when baking. Like a million different cake moulds, a billion cookie cutters and a trillion different gadgets that I have no idea what they do. So to back track a bit I'm going to be making alot of gingerbread cookies this xmas and I wanted to decorate them like my co-workers (there's only 5) and my family (only 3 others). Well, who knew decorating cookies was such an ordeal! There are piping bags, piping tips, tools for cleaning this things, different knives, sprinkles, sparkles, dregees (not dreg-eeeees but dradge-ays...huh?). Man, it just goes on! So back to the store, I spent a bit of cash, nothing I'm ashamed of. You are thinking "Oh Erica, what's the big deal? A few more baking gadgets to the bin... please! That's nothing!" and then I saw the poster. "Christmas Cookie Decorating Class - only $35 for 2 Saturdays!". What a deal! That's 5 hours of learning about something I already want to know about. BUT THEN they throw this list at me. This list titled "Things to bring to the first class". Remember all those tools I mentioned earlier? I need all of them... but times 3. The tools alone could cost me $50!! So in the end, I decided not to sign up right away and instead I'm going to try and talk my roommate into it with hopes that she can borrow a bunch of stuff from her mom.

So to rid myself of the "I'm in over my head" feeling, sided with the "I THOUGHT I knew a little about baking" sensation I came home and made ginger snaps. They are good. They don't have a fondonte coating or dregees rolling off or even little royal icing piped daisies. They are just good.

....though I still may take this class

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