Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Check List

So there's a lot that's been running through my head lately. Namely, Christmas, my work report, work in general, CFES stuff, and mostly all the things I need to do before I go on holidays.

SO I've already stated that I'm pumped for xmas. I've been looking at recipes and such to get started on. I plan on making lots of gingerbread and shortbread cookies. (BTW if you have any good xmas recipes, please share!!). Also I've started putting together gifts etc. But this is all old news.

My work report has not been started yet. My boss agreed to let me do it on the topic that I wanted so that's cool. However there is nothing "cool" about having to write this bloody report and I am not one bit looking forward to it. Doesn't help that I need to finish it before I go on holidays because it's due the week I get back. Marry effin Xmas Erica.

Work in general is alright, there are good days and not as good days. The people are really nice however we are all irritable at times. Happens to everyone. I won't be thrilled to leave however it will be nice to be back at school.

CFES stuff is piling up to a point where I am almost overwhelmed. I have so much to do before the end of November. I'm not sure when I'm going to get it done but I suppose I'm going to have to make some sacrifices as a result.

I'm going to see "Wicked" on the 24th with my roommate and classmate, I'm looking forward to it and it has received very good reviews. I'm also going to see "Menopause Out Loud" this weekend with my aunt, cousin and step-grandma. I'm really looking forward to it as it will be fun to see them all. It's too bad it's on a Sunday, I usually bake/do laundry/housework on Sunday. Again with the sacrifices.

I've noticed (if it's even possible) that I don't have the same energy or enthusiasm I had in first year. My first co-op job I was so happy all the time, I had no attitude about anything and it was all "yes ma'am, no sir, right away boss". Now it's more like "You want me to do what? Can't you see I'm busy?". I'm not sure why but I definitely have an attitude and it's been growing for the past 2 years. It doesn't reflect well on me when I act like this. I try to stay happy and positive and accept feedback with a smile, it's just not as easy anymore. I get so frustrated when people get in my way or interrupt me as if what they have to say is more important. It's frustrating because I'm trying to be positive but it's not working all the time.

Hopefully I will all be caught up by December 20th, that way my holiday can go smoothly and worry-free.


  1. Heya!

    I know what you mean about work! My attitude has changed completely too, and the way I look on it... so not as eager or helpful...

    So I didn't know what CFES was so I decided to look it up. Do you know Matt Caputo from Guelph? He's awesome ! :)

    Good luck with your report, and have a good vacation!

  2. You, attitude?
    No!, I can't!, I won't believe!