Tuesday, November 07, 2006

2 posts in 2 days... Could it really be happening??!!

Last night after work I drove to Waterloo to look at a house. So far I have looked at about 8. At this point I was getting frustrated. We (myself and 3 roommates) were looking for a place for the winter term. Essentially 90% of the people I know had already found something!! Hence my frustration. So back to my story, upon getting to Waterloo and driving up to the place I was going to look at my only thoughts were "THIS HAD BETTER BE GOOD OR I MAY HURT SMALL CHILDREN THAT GET IN MY WAY!!!". There are certainly some major dumps in Waterloo. So ok, I walk up, trying to stay positive...


WELL, turns out the townhouse I'm looking at currently houses my landlord and his family. (Family = clean and organized!! Students = gross and smelly ie: Lester St). WOOHOO this place is great, it's super nice, everything is brand new! There are 2 FULL bathrooms and brand new washer and dryer. The rooms aren't huge but C'mon... 2 FULL BATHROOMS! Ok so I'm sold. I emailed the guy last night telling him we want it, I just have to wait for him to get back to me. I really hope this all works out, I'm so ready to end this search on a good note.

In other news, it was my roommates birthday on Sunday (Happy Birthday Lizard!) and so we are having a birthday dinner for her tomorrow. She requested spaghetti and meatballs. Tonight I will make the meatballs as well as a chocolate cake. Tomorrow Deb has agreed to make the spaghetti and the sauce. I'm really looking forward to it, everyone in the house gets along so well and we really enjoy each others company. That and meatballs are so easy and so tasty! I can freeze lots of them for later too. This is the recipe I use except instead of BBQ sauce I use Italian Dressing and I also add onions, real garlic, oregano, basil, pepper and thyme - oh ya, make sure you grease the cookie sheet! They are so easy to make and they freeze really well. I don't have the chocolate cake recipe handy but I will post it when I do. I made it at Thanksgiving and my brother asked me if it was my moms recipe (when we were growing up my mom's chocolate cake was so amazing). Turns out the recipe I use is almost identical to my moms but I found it online!

Try making something new tonight, I find boys will eat anything and tell you it's good. I guess it will be a real confidence booster for me when I move in with 3 boys come January...

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