Thursday, September 14, 2006


Liz and I walked to the pizza place on the corner. Pretty much the parking lot is always full so we figured the pizza must be good. Tunrs out everyone is going to the Indian grocery store there, not the pizza place. The pizza was ok.

THEN I made brownies. I used a recipe for but changed it drastically. I appreciate it when sites change their recipes as per reviews etc. does not do this. It's kind of annoying because then I have to read ALL of the reviews just to be sure I'm not setting myself up for dissapointment. Alot of the time people will give a recipe 5 stars which is good but it's more like "after I changed this and this and this... it was perfect... 5 stars!" LAME. So you see the review-reading dilemma... sometimes there are hundreds of reviews!! changes their recipes I'm pretty sure, they hardly have anything posted with less than 4/5 stars. Pretty decent track record there. Their stuff is fun to make and easy too.

NOW I'm sitting in front of my computer waiting for my brownies to cool then I'm going to go get ready for bed and read a bit. I'm reading "Snow Falling on Cedars" it's pretty good and easy to read. It has taken me a long time to get through it because this past month has been so busy! I'm hoping that I finish it by Monday. Then I'm thinking I will look into John Irving... I need a library card or something. But really... I hardly ever feel bad spending money on books... like seriously, its not like I'm buying porno or anything. Just popular fiction!

In any case brownies and packing for tomorrow (waterloo woo!) are calling.

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