Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Now that I finally have some breathing time...

Updates since exams finished:

Did well on exams!! For the first time ever!! Yay me!

Went home for ten days. Pretty nice, weather was very good, spent lots of time in the garden with my mom. I took lots of pictures and will try to post them on my msnspace someday. I went to Winnipeg and saw a few high school friends as well as Carmen and Marcia. I miss them all!!

Moved to Mississauga. What an ordeal! I have way too much stuff and desperatley need to put some in storage. My car still has stuff in it and I moved in more than 2 weeks ago. Whatever, my room is big and great and so I have lots of space to sort through everything.

Started work. Not too bad, just learing stuff at this point. I got to shadow the old student before she left so that was a plus. Hopefully all goes well!

Frosh week! Man, what a week. I left Mississauga Friday Sept 1, 06 and came back Sunday Sept 10, 06. It was 10 days of exhaustion but still lots of fun. My group didn't win but I really enjoyed myself and I made so many new friends. Awww...barf. I got to dive into a mud pit twice which was fun, too bad I am still coughing up sand... whatever, FUN.

Now I am back at work. It's quiet but it's a nice change compared to the last month of hectic-osity...?

Last night I took pickle to see M. Ward for his birthday, it was a pretty good show and he played lots of the stuff that I knew. He even played TWO encores, no one does that! It went a little late for me though, I didn't get home until 1am and then I had to be awake at 6:30. I am hurting. And by hurting I mean tired. When I get home from work today I am going to do my dishes and then go to sleep. Eff to dinner and eff to laundry. Eff to anything that is not me asleep in my own effing bed.

So far the transition between terms has been pretty crazy but it's looking like it will calm down as I get into the routine of workterm.

Things I'm looking forward to:

-Living with Liz and baking like the baking mofos that we are
-Living with Liz and CHRISTMAS baking like the CHRISTMAS baking mofos that we are. I may even do some Hannukah baking... though really it would just be putting a different name to it... whatever.
- Halloween! Woo! Need a costume. Need to start looking now. Need something GREAT!
-Christmas shopping. Last time I was on Co-op before Christmas I had all my X-mas shopping done at the end of October, or at least the majority of it. Mostly I will bake for people.
- Christmas holidays! Going to Banff again it looks like. Last year was great and I hope this year is similar, I won't be worrying about getting any marks back or anything.
- Christmas BAKING. wow, so excited.
-OH MAN THANKSGIVING. wow. I already have 2 invitations and I may have to do some cooking of my own as well.
-THANKSGIVING BAKING. wow. pumpkins. wow.

Now that this post has gone in a million directions I am hungry.

Too much energy for a Tuesday morning.

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