Monday, July 24, 2006

Today I had a very miniscule amount of school. 2 hours. 9:30-11:30. First hour I had a Mods quiz, second hour I did The Post crossword puzzle when I should have been learning thermo. No one is perfect. I also ate my lunch. Cold pizza, surprisingly delicious, homemade from last night. Then I walked home.

Once home, I watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy because it is great. I have one more episode of season 1 to watch. I figure I have to finish it now because otherwise I will be watching it during exams. That is what Sex and The City Season II is for.

In any case, after this I was bored and felt like sugar. I made a cake. I made a chocolate cake. It had 2 cups of sugar in it which seemed sufficient for my sugar craving. Too bad the whole process from initial thought to actual consumption took 2.5 hours. First, mix the batter, next bake it for an hour, next let it cool, next make icing, next ice cake, next refrigerate so icing is hard and crackly and tasty, next consume. It was however worth it as it is a very moist, very chocolate cake. Now I have 9/10ths of a chocolate cake in my fridge. This cake will not last forever. If you are in close proximity to me please come consume this cake. I would hate to toss it. Though now I am realizing I must start studying for exams beginning tomorrow meaning that I will most likely want more of this cake for myself… if you are in close proximity to me and kind of want cake but promise not to eat all of it then by all means, come over. I will share, I don’t have milk, and I can only offer water and celery as a side. No promises on either.

In other news I have been on a cooking/baking frenzy. I go through withdrawal and so I overindulge. Last week I made turkey patty thingies (Rachel Ray recipe), homemade macaroni and cheese, oatmeal banana muffins, potato chips, pizza, smoothies. This week I have made a chocolate cake. Now that exams are coming I imagine I will procrastinate by cooking and cleaning. Cleaning has a limit, cooking does not. It also has the advantage of using all of my food before I have to move/go home. Too bad I will be the only one around.

And for the sake of giving an actual update: last day of classes is tomorrow, then I study for exams, I write 2-3-4-8-10, I’m going home on the 16th or 17th, coming back on the 23rd, moving to Mississauga, hopefully starting work, doing Frosh week and then working more, after that it will be Christmas. I have nothing planned for the work term though I would enjoy it if Natasha asks me to visit her in Waterloo. Also, I’m looking forward to baking with pumpkin and cranberries for fall/winter.

I told Rob I would give him a shout out. Hi Rob, come have cake.

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  1. My dearest Erica,

    Seriously, I'm sitting at work right now wishing I was in your proximity so that I could eat some of your fantastic chocolate cake. I'd even bring milk.

    P.s. I got your message and i'm home in toronto on the 18th, so I guess i'll just miss you.

    BUT i've got first years so I'm sure i'll see you during frosh week AND i would LOVE for you to come visit me in waterloo!!!

    Maybe i'll bake a chocolate cake tonight after work... I've even got a random bag of coconut that's been pretty lonely in my cupboard leftover from a chocolate coconut ball adventure I could throw in...

    Holy long sentence.

    Ok, no more procrastinating...must get work done!!!

    ciao bella!