Thursday, July 06, 2006

a few things

To change about me:
- Fix tummy problem, that is, make it flat
- Write more snail mail
- Be more tactful and think before speaking
- Learn to keep my mouth shut, talking all the time is not attractive
- Learn better time management
- Learn to say no, even if it seems really exciting
- Learn to like mushrooms, at least pretend
- Get a tan
- Wear contacts more often
- Wear Birkenstocks less often
- Be more computer literate
- Stop shopping as much
- Don’t be so concerned about how I look

Things I want in my life:
- a career
- children
- live near fabulous shopping
- go to Memphis
- learn to make pastry, or learn to make better pastry
- enter a cooking contest of sorts
- have a massive collection of cookbooks
- a massive collection of books generally
- learn to BBQ – sad that I haven’t yet
- Make sure my parents retire somewhere great so that going to visit them is even better
- To live somewhere long enough to decorate
- Have a closet with a door
- A lab, a happy jumping full of too much love Lab that loves me no matter what
- Make it to my high school alumni Christmas party some year
- happiness!!
- use something i learned in university in my job (not likely?)

Things I want right now:
- A clean refrigerator
- Someone besides me to take out the recycling
- Real curtains on my window
- No school tomorrow
- My air conditioner to be in my window on “10” and not on my floor on “off”
- More loonies for laundry
- A stamp for the letter sitting on my desk
- A glass of water
- A bowl of fruit
- No aphids on my Rosemary
- More jazz in my iTunes
- Sex and the City Season 1 completed downloading
- Posters on my bare walls
- to be finished my fluids lab
- to be reading my book (memoirs of a geisha is amazing, go read it now)

Things I can’t change
- I talk too much
- I’m blonde but it’s darker than it used to be
- I like pop music, I cannot deny it any longer
- I will never be good at doing ponytails
- I will always love carbohydrates and will never be able to give them up
- I am just like my mother in more ways than imaginable
- I am from The Pas
- I am headed towards a male dominated career
- I can’t get sunscreen on my right shoulder
- My left shoulder is higher than my right
- I have glasses
- I live for wearing layers
- I watch too much tv
- Left side flips out, right side flips under
- I am a 35 long and it is not as great as people think


  1. Cool Post :) I like that idea a lot.

    I hope you're having a good summer!

  2. Carmen2:58 PM

    Perhaps this comment is abit overdue but I was finally catching up on your blogs (procrastinating at work today) & thought this was great! You're awesome!