Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I have decided that I like bananas for the following reasons:

1) They smell good. Not too potent but nice and almost calming
2) They taste great and even melt in your mouth
3) They are very easy to peel
4) You can throw the peel out the window
5) Even though the peel may appear bruised and weathered, the inside is usually safe and protected (Unlike apples)
6) You can watch them change colours – it happens so fast!
7) They are easy to throw in your purse
8) They have high potassium, low sodium, low fat, and high fibre!
9) They are cheap
10) They are cheap year round
11) Banana bread is great and easy, especially the part where the banana goes rotten and you freeze it and then mash it to make bread!

In conclusion, bananas are great.


  1. Omg i soooo agree. I just ate a banana in my cereal and it was fantastic. When I was a little kid my babysitter/cousin told me that the little black dot on the bottom end of the banana is where the worms go into the banana. To this day, I never eat the very bottom piece.

  2. I am tashas lil bro and i like bannas toooo