Friday, August 05, 2005

So it’s been quite a while and once again I have no excuse.

In the past few weeks I’ve been on several trips.

First off 3 weekends ago I went up to Muskoka and it was UNREAL. In many ways it reminds me of home but only in the things that I miss at home. The things I don’t miss are to come. In any case we went swimming, we sat around and relaxed. It was real relaxation, there was no schedule, no time constraints no nothing! It was great. Oh ya and great food.

Next up I went to Montreal to see my ex-roommate Hannah. We were roommates in grade 11 when we were in boarding school. She’s from germany and I got to visit her a few summers ago there.

And lastly for the long weekend I went home. My next door neighjbour since forever was getting married. It was a great weekend and the weather held up and I got to see all of her cousins again that I grew up with. The wedding was really nice, everyone looked really pretty. But honestly overall, it was so dull. The wedding itself was cool (I was the MC) and it was fun to see my neighbour but otherwise I hate going home.

I love seeing my parents, and I enjoy being at my house but I hate the fact that regardless of where I go in town everyone comes up to me and asks me a million questions. I’m not a rude person by any means but I should just put out a news letter or something. That sounds so awful.

I miss my dog a lot too. Last year when I saw him in August (the last time I was home) I knew he was sick and I was just hoping that he would make it to this july when I could see him one last time. It was hard to go home and only see one dog there waiting for me. It’s sort of pathetic to be thinking like this but I had that dog for 11 years, more then half of my life and the first half of my life doesn’t even count! My mom took it really hard due to the fact that she’s at home all day with the dogs and is there prime caregiver. There really is something missing at home and I don’t think that it will be quick to regain itself.

So really I suppose this wasn’t about talking about my trips but rather how even though I’m never at home any more and I hardly consider it my home anymore but it was at one point and I think that’s reason enough to be sad that it has changed so much.

Have a great weekend to everyone.


  1. I've seen both my dogs that I grew up with pass away. It is tough, but my family is different and what we did is get 2 more dogs, with plans to get a third. This goes along with the 9 cats we have. Needless to say, my mother and sister are really lonely people who like their animals.

    I hate living at home though. Since being able to live on my own, I've experienced that life doesn't have to be always checking your food to see if some random cat/dog hair in the air has somehow floated into it. Or to make sure that whiping your hands on a cloth doesn't turn your hands into fur. Sadly though, coming home has rudely opened my eyes as to the state of how my home is.

    Whenever I object to the cleanliness of my house, I get flak from my sister saying that "You always have had animals". It's just that they can't/won't change. And that's why I'd be happy if I never lived here again...

    The interesting part is, this past week, my family dictated that I MUST LIVE AT HOME AFTER I GRADUATE... mainly because my sister is going to move out, and my mother needs someone to live with her... I don't know if that's going to happen..

  2. I will never live at home again.

    Let me rephrase and back that up.

    I will never live in The Pas again and thus could never live at home... unless my parents moved. but they won't.

    Alas I miss taking homemade rice-crisie-squares to school for lunch and picking a big black peice of rottweiller hair out of it. Gross thing to miss but such is life.