Monday, June 06, 2005

a year ago wednesday

i chopped all of my hair off for a cancer fundraiser. I remember at the time being in residence with no air conditioning and my new 'do was supreme for the heat. However this summer I live in an air conditioned house, work in an air conditioned pool, have access to a pool every weekend and also a basement with no windows and stays at about 12 degrees all day. yummy. So really my hair no longer serves a purpose. They fundraiser is long over, my hair is almost too long to call it "short" and tell the story that goes with it. Really my point is I'M BORED. short hair is so boring. there is honestly only one thing i can do with it. I guess that's why guys are they way they are.

Wow I just blabbed about my hair for way too many words.

In other news work is alright, i'm sssoooo sun burnt and should learn my lesson.

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  1. Walker8:28 PM

    Your cute even if your hair never changes and losing your hair was for a great cause. Thank you for caring so much.