Monday, June 27, 2005

can't get enough

i've decided that being moody is just who i am. there's no getting away from it which means the only solution is dealing with it.

This weekend was again successful, saw old friends, went strawberry picking, watched movies and sat in the pool.

I've been doing alot of out of the ordinary type things. Mostly what I see as "really cheesy". But really i'm having so much fun doing them!! Like strawberry picking, and visiting grandparents and going to matinees, walking in the park. Really light easy going things. It's fun, there's time to laugh, there's time to breath, its easy! I like it!

Another thing i've been doing alot of also is talking about what I'd do if I won the lottery. Not like i'm planning my life around it but just thinking of all the cool things that I could do. I mean I"m happy with my life but it be way cool to splurge like that.

Really that's all that's going on. Nothing is complicated enough these days to write alot about.

Enjoy the sun!!


  1. If you won the lottery, would you take me out for a nice steak dinner or something?

    Or or or... maybe you could take me on a trip to Lithuania!!! I could show you around, you know, be your guide, with my horrible broken lithuanian... it would be fairly awesome ^_^

  2. fairly awesome is right. my mom and cousins could come too. w00t.

  3. well, my mom would want to come as well... but I'd pay for her ;)

    Hmmmm.... now I miss lithuania :(

  4. Erica!
    I stumbled accross your blog through chris's I have one too now.. finally... We should hang out sometime soon. Can I come to lithuania too?