Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I am Nostradamus

well according to my last post everything was going great and I was anticipating something awful.

My first prediction was that "something might happen to my dogs"

Well my friends as of last Thursday, May 19th 2005, my puppy, Dexter the fantastic rottweiller from the Winnipeg Humane Society went to doggy heaven. He was 14, he spent 11 of those 14 years with my family and with my other doggy Molly who is still trotting around. We got him in August 2004, the summer before I started grade 4. More then half my lifetime.

Yes, I'm sad. He was part of my family. Heart ache is the most painful.

There's nothing i can do but keep going.

Life goes on.


  1. I'm sorry to hear Erica...

    Just last year, both of my dogs passed away. I'm sure you loved them much, and they'll forever be in you and your family's thoughts.

    You could always do what my family did when our dogs died... get new ones?

  2. well we still have Molly, and ya my mom can't live without dogs.

    maybe soon we''ll get new ones, who knows.

    ya, it's hard.