Sunday, May 15, 2005


There is really nothing to report. I mean nothing exciting is really happening but it's really ok. I don't mind because all the things that are happening are just cool, mellow, EASY. I don't need crazy excitment right now. It wouldn't bother me but it's cool that it's not happening. THere's no drama, there's no tension. I'm getting along with everyone, keeping in touch with all my friends that are spread everywhere and I'm happily keeping myself together independant of roommates, parents and other forms of disturbance. It's cool.

Is this all because something is going to happen soon? Something is going to wreck my calm peaceful bliss? Things that I can think of are:

My dogs - they are so old. Fill in the blanks as to what might happen.

There was a mistake on my transcript.

My car will break down.

I'll screw up the next thing I bake. HEAVEN FORBID!

Why do I think that something has got to happen? Probably because it's too weird for me to go being so calm and unbothered. It does get weird. Everyone knows it.

Well when and if something fucks shit up. I'll let you know.

OH OH!! What if something really cool happens instead??!!??!! That would be sssooo neat.



  1. You could get pregnant?

    I think besides death, that would have to be the worse thing that could happen.

  2. whoa nelly.

    you are correct.

    i suppose i could get over the death of my dogs eventually.

    screwing up my baking, i can always re-make it.

    mistake on my transcrpt...well life goes on and again i would get over it.

    my car breaking down, i'd take the bus.

    but A BABY??!!??!!
    my life would be over.

    death, now there's a party.