Thursday, March 24, 2005

My re-newed state

So if you were to ask people that I know "Does Erica like to party?" They would most likely answer "Heck yes, she's the hippiest partying cat around" or "Why yes indeed, in fact I saw her at 37 parties yesterday alone". Now I'm not trying to flatter muself but these are all true. I enjoy partying, I love hanging out with friends and in all honesty I don't mind looking after their drunk asses. I can do this after all because I RARELY DRINK ANYMORE.

There are 3 reasons for this. The first being simple in that I don't have alot of money. Simple. The second being that I don't mind being sober, I like being able to wake up the next morning feeling good and not wanting to sleep in until 2 in the afternoon. This reason is also simple. Now the third reason is the saddest and the most complicated and I hate it the most. In the past year I have most likely drank enough alcohol to drown a small town. Also, in the past year I have been so sick from alcohol that my stomach doesn't like it anymore.

Now I'm writing this because I went out drinking last night. I usually have a single drink at the bar just because I really enjoy cranberry and vodka but otherwise I hadn't gotten TANKED since January 30th. So as my third reason stands, last night when I started to drink heavily my stomach piped up "No no Erica, you flipped me inside out once too many with your devils-juice, I'll win this time!!" and then I proceeded to be very sick over not alot of alcohol. It's messed up and my conslusion is that MY STOMACH CANNOT HANDLE ALCOHOL ANYMORE. It's sad and disgusting, but it's so true.

I guess I could say that "I'm giving up alcohol" but really, alcohol is giving me up. I'd love to be able to drink on occsion when I could afford it moneywise and sleepwise but frankly my stomach doesnt like feeling that way and I'm not going to let it.

So if you see me at the bar next week, which you will because I love going, grad me a cranberry juice because I'll be driving my drunk roommates home.


  1. I can't tell you how sincere I am when I say this but..


    as much fun as drinking is (especially in moderation), there have been too many bad moments of my life which I attribute to drinking. I hardly get tanked anymore as a result - I just have a few drinks to be social and that's it.

  2. I guess sometimes your body has to make the right decisions when your mind won't!
    Erica, you're fun no matter what you put in your mouth (hehe).

  3. I like it when you put strange concoctions into your mouth erica. But yeah, its funny when people say they don't want to live with Evan and I because we go out to the bar too often. I just act inebriated all the time because I think my alcohol stream has enough blood in it to keep me alive. But other than that, I rarely go out, costs waaaaaaaaaaay too much.