Tuesday, March 29, 2005

In Response to Meredith's Question

If you check out Meredith's site http://meredithshouse.blogspot.com she asks about families and what kinds of quirky things make our families who they are, or something along those lines.

First a family dinner with my mom's side:
There are 8 girl cousins and 3 boy cousins.
My brother and I are the only "priviledged" ones to be in an opposite sex sibling-hood.
So anyways, all of the girl are between the ages of 16 and 20 right now. Really we would all be sitting on the couch or outside or something talking about movies and shopping because we're just like that. Oh and we'd be looking at pictures that everyone brought.
The boys, my brother (21) and the other 2 (3 and 5) would most likely be playing with tonka trucks in the yard.
Depending on whose house it was at, the kids that belong to the house would be summoned into the kitchen every so often to help their mother cook while she politely asksthe rest of us what we want to drink.
The rest of the parents would be sitting around drinking talking about work etc.
No arguments, however much like Merediths family we're all relly loud and love to laugh, we are also very welcoming HOWEVER no one has ever brought a significant other to a meal though we've had guests. Maybe we're intimidating.
What I like about my mom's side is that first off, no one smokes!! SEcond off theres 5 families all with 2 kids, (no grandparents) so that makes 20 loud happy caring people. I love my mom's side of the family. Oh ya and we all give x-mas and bday gifts way late so I usually end up getting a gift from someone everytime I go. w00t.

Dads side:
We usually go to my granpas house which is cool because he has a big yard but not cool because the people are way different from my moms side.
There are 4 girl and 3 boy cousins.
No one really has anything in common and my one cousin always brings her "interesting" boyfriend whom I don't really like because they're attached at the hip and I don't get to talk to her (sorry If you're reading this, he's nice but i want to talk to YOU!!). The other cousins are just kinda....not like me, so really my brother and i catch up on the 3 or so days since the last time we saw each other.
My dad has 3 brothers and no sisters. His youngest brother usually brings a gf and thats cool because for the most part the girls he brings are pretty cool.
Otherwise my grandpa is pretty cool and his new wife, Judy is AWESOME. So that's cool. Plus they've both had really cool lives so they are just neat people.
Thats about it for them. Oh ya my Dad's side is SSSOOO sarcastic and has a really...vulger sense of humour. My moms side is more...Martha Stewart Family

In both cases theres TONS of food, someone always forgets to bring out the salad or take the potatoes out of the oven. We are always dressed nicely and for the most part no one argues except the siblings. Everyone is caring and considerate (even when I barfed up my dinner on the driveway).

Overall I don't think that I could ever bring a boyfriend to a family dinner because on my moms side its never happened and I don't want to start it and on my dads side I'd get teased to no end.

I think thats it, maybe I'll think of more stuff later and add it.


  1. Hooray! i'm mentioned on someone's site.
    maybe one of these days i can meet your loud talking family. I don't think i quite fit into the martha stewart profile, but loud i got!
    Thanks hon. You make me feel special.

  2. Can we pretend I'm your "boyfriend" so that I can get a free meal courtesy of the Waugh family? :)

  3. For you dave, anything.