Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i need a new wallet

so i've been terribly busy and it's kinds sad because i dont even know what i've been busy with. for example ive had 2 naps today. and went to 1/5 classes today. whatever i tend not to worry about these things.

in any case, the term is nearing an end and everyone seems to be looking forward to it. i know that i have oodles of plans to pull off in the 6 days i have off before work starts. i want to go to montreal again and shop my face off. i want to go and BE in toronto. not just live there like last term. oh ya and i have to pack, but thats a "havfta" not a "wanna".

alrighty. i've been sitting here for far too long working on my project. i need to get away.

much love i'm sure.

this post sucks

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