Sunday, March 06, 2005

I can't spell worth beans

Last post I meant Laundry, I couldve changed it in post-editor but.....i have no excuse except that i already typed this out. deal.

So i just got back from an engineering conference. It was based on professionalism and pointers on related things. One speaker i especially liked was a dude who talked about the different types of personalities and how one reacts with the other but mostly how to work with them because you'll run into all of them in your professional career.

I was what he called and "I-type" personality. this means i'm influencial, i love people, i love to motivate, i love to be the centre of attention. one line he kept using with reference to the I-type was "wheres the party at?????". really that one line embodies me. I-types do not work well with D-types (dominant, decisive etc) because an I-type likes to make a decision and go with it and get their way. however a D-type will not rest until it is his or her way. so when the I-type is spewing off ridiculous crazy brain-trains of ideas a D-type will say "no, i like this one we will do it or ELSE" so you see the conflict. then we have the c-type (cautious, and other stuff....) they are indecisive people because they always like to break things down into why, when, where etc. so if you give them an idea they will explore every option and not be able to decide. This is why i am most best suited to end up with a C-type. they will still question my ideas and reasons providing excitment however they will let me be right in the end which i love.

Now to the last type, which as it turns out is my "secondary type" the s-type. these people are steady, security and hate change.

oh before i forget, I-types are very emotional.

so anyways, s-type. I LOVE the fact that i am an I-type because i know that it embodies all of the things about myself that i love. the s-type is the things i tend to dislike. such as my obsessive organizational aspect. or my need for security and routine. S-types are also predictable and posessive. yay me.

For the most part I-types have D-type as their secondary. demanding, forcelful, egocentric, etc. I am far too passive for this. hence why i am a secondary S-type.

so that was part of my weekend, other then that we danced alot and drank so much. At our first bar i made a (stupid) executive decision to not use a cup for my beer and instead drink it out of the pitcher the whole night. party on. overall i had a great time, met alot of cool people and got to know alot of my friends a little better.

so ya, more on the DISC personalities, go to

and cheers to Meredith for giving me a link. i'll give you one too when i figure it out


  1. What type of personality am I? Orange?

  2. isnt that adventurous or something?

    i'd have no idea where to put you, you surprise me everytime i talk to you.

  3. I'd think I'm like an I-Type mixed with a C-Type.

    I can just have an idea and go with it, but I'm also on top of a lot of shit to ensure that it all gets done and see stuff through.