Thursday, February 17, 2005

this is me, EATING MY BRAIN

Ok, so I'm slightly crazy at the moment.
Tomorrow will be one of the most ridiculously busy days I've had in a while. However it will indeed end in a good time, or so me thinks.

I have 3 hours of lectures and then a programming lab which we aren't allowed to start until we get to the lab. Yes I supposed this means that i don't have to do a pre-lab, HOWEVER it means it will be in the lab until 2:30 at which point I will have given up all hope of passing my "Basic Engineering Circuitry Analysis" midterm. FUCK.

On to more exciting topics.

i'M goiNG tO winnIPEG nEXT wEEK aND I cAN'T WAIT.
I have not been back to my high school since i grauated way back when. It will be interesting nonethless. I have not kept in touch with many people but frankly even when people dont keep in touch with me i dont mind if they make a surprise "i havent seen/heard from you in so long" visit. There were many nice people at the school, however i'm glad i graduated when i did. I get to see my mumzy and as she put it when we were talking about my lack of funds "you'll be in winnipeg next week and...i'll look after you, don't worry about a thing" oh i love her so much. I ALSO LOVE my dearest friends SARA CARRIE AND ISANNE. i miss you guys.

Still thinking about money, I really have none at all. My mom makes me feel guilty for asking her but really i know its me making myself feel guilty because i know that it was me who blew it all away. so really.....shut up erica. But still, the fact is i'm broke and it's a darn shame that I happen to have a slight shopping addiction. must terminate immediately.

argh. this is lame.
gotta study.

love your guts.

haha oh ya and I've been listening to chick music for the past 2 days. freaks me out.

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