Wednesday, February 09, 2005

music: pachelbel's canon in D, so hot right now

ok. my last post says that i posted at 1:30am....or something.
i have no recollection of being awake that late(ish) saturday night. weird.

ok whatever.

oh to better things(ish).
since when did doing anything other then using your cell phone to make calls become cool?
"look...mine takes pictures!"
"look...mine is smaller then yours!
"look...mine can have roatsbeef for dinner and this little piggy had none!"
i don't get it. remember when it was like "oh man...why are we comparing the size of our cell phones? we are suuuuuch dorks!!"
but now, no one really gives a fuck. its like "oh look it's raining" or "oh i have the new britney ringtone before anyone else" who gives a fuck? frankly, i still think that we're dorks for talking about it. i still say "oh man...why are we comparing the size of our cell phones, we're such dorks" but my friends reply "NO WAY MAN, mine has a bagillion-pixel camera with racing stripes!" like they don't realize that i still think they are a dork. ( ok i realize, i'm in engineering, all my friends are dorks, myself included but really....i guess i'm just old fasioned). ok damn i feel old, i'm calling myself old fasioned.....because my CELL PHONE etiquette is out-of-date. where has the world gone? and damn i shouldnt say i feel old, i get in trouble everytime i say it.

btw way i'm such a hippo-crit. i just got a new phone and the whole world knows that its pink because i raved about it. but honestly...if i had anything NEW and PINK i'd rave. who wouldnt!!!??? PINK!!!........NEW!! what more could you ask for?????



btw, my new pink cell phone plays pachelbel's canon in D, not the new britney.

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