Sunday, February 20, 2005

Do i get like this with the seasons?

I have Barenaked Ladies "Lover's in a Dangerous Time" going through my head.
I also started a new knitting project.
I made a double batch of muffins today.
I played matchmaker.
My pajama's match.
I'm going out for dinner tomorrow.
I failed to do my homework again.
I checked the website, I'm a week ahead.
I shed a tear in my exam.
I got cranberry juice on my skirt.
I'm packing for my trip.
I don't get enough sleep.
I spent way too much money in the past week.
I can't forget my camera.
My lunch is on the table.
The chinese food was good for breakfast.
I should get more lotion.
The MTS bison makes me laugh.
I can't wait to see my mom.
I need to sew on 2 buttons.
My watch needs a new battery.
I'm on the internet too much.
My backpack is ready.
Sarah hasn't called me back.
My skates were sharpened last week.
I like Justin's toque.
It's snowing out.
I'm making lasagna next sunday.
I could not have better friends.
Last week was fun.
I like to read about dragons.
I should stop biting my nails.
I did laundry yesterday.
I wish I could float.
I need to learn how to swim.
I miss hockey.
I think war is dumb.
I like strawberries.
There are lots of people that I miss.
My bed is fluffed.....and calling my name.

night night

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