Sunday, February 06, 2005


So despite the fact that it is very common for this weekend of this term to be hell on earth (midterms start on monday) i have in fact had a great weekend.

I smiled just enough if not an immense amount
I laughed just as much
and i got to hang out with so many ppl that i just adore.

and people that are usually just friendly to me were really really nice which surprised me but it felt so good to know that people have potential and that makes me happy. and it makes me happy that i'm so confident in school and i try to do my best and i think it might actually be good enough. oh i'm happy.

ok wait, i burnt muffins today and in the process burnt my hand and....ya it sucks. but all of that aside, i'm still smiling and that makes me happy.

i feel like giving everyone a hug, so as my friend reading this, go hug someone for me if not for you too.

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