Monday, January 24, 2005

stuff that bugs me

today i am sick and as a result i could care less about anyone else and anyone eleses problems. all i am worrying about is getting better or getting more drugs into my body to feel better.

so to the title of this post.
most of these things are household items, and most likely pissed me off today.

-finishing the bag of milk and not opening a new one

-topping off the leaning-tower-of-garbage with the philiosophy of "unless it falls over i'm not taking it out and putting in a new bag" and "nor will i take the old one out that my roommate tied up and put by the door"

-leaving left-overs in the fridge for x-number of weeks.

-not putting dirty dishes in the sink where they are at least contained and not all over the house

-the grease trays on the george forman grill. people seem to have the illusion that "i only put food on the grill part so the tray doesnt need to be cleaned......EVER" ack barf

-leaving garbage everywhere, again with the "containing the mess" idea

ok so you might have noticed that all of these are roommate related. i suppose i am a little anal when it comes to cleaning and organizing but really....the milk thing just drives me up the wall. the jug is sitting downstairs on the counter with an empty bag in it meanwhile there are 2 perfectly good bags of milk sitting in the fridge waiting to be cut open. honestly, am i too picky?


  1. At least you're getting anal

  2. well in that case i might need some.....

  3. I don't see anything wrong with complaining like you did, I mean who wants to live in a shipwreck? It's only fair if you voice out your objections. especially when it comes to keeping the house clean.

    At least you don't catfight your roommate.

    maybe not yet. teeheehee...