Thursday, January 20, 2005

at least it's been less then 2 months

Well I have no recollection as to the last time I posted so it must have been a while.
However I will not lie, you haven't missed anything.
My computer crashed and I went nuts, that's so sad.

In more exciting news I haven't eaten processed sugar in like 3 days. No white sugar and no white flour for me. OH MAN it's tough but apparently good for your brain. Oh and for Eunice...apparently fibre is good for everything, try whole-wheat pasta, it tastes the same to me but much healthier.

In other news, there really is no news. My life stops during school, it embodies me and that is so sad, I really need to find a balance and make better choices as to what I spend my free time doing (ie: not cleaning my room compulsively). Though this town with this weather, there isn't much to do. Driving anywhere is just as hassle and even being anywhere else, i like sleeping in my bed and waking up to use my bathroom. I really need to try to calm down sometimes and let things happen. I pride myself on being on time so i go crazy when I'm in a rush, when things aren't organized I get worried and drop everything to re-organize. I need to let go of my boundaries, that is to say; who cares if I'm late for class or who cares if look like shit at school or better yet WHO CARES IF I'M DISORGANIZED.

it's sad because the answer to each of these is: me
At least I have time to post.

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