Friday, December 31, 2004

A year in review

Some interesting facts about this year:

The Firsts:
-First time living on my own for real
-First time with real job on my own not from a company affiliated with my parents
-First time to montreal

The Big Deals:
-Raised $1325 for the CCS and chopped all my hair off
-Producer of a play
-Family Vacation to Banff

The Memories:
-Learning the meaning of partying "too hard"
-Frosh leader
-Denting Ben's Truck
-Road Trippin'
-Learning to Boat Race
And Finally, what I'm looking forward to for this coming year:
-Living with friends (even if they're smelly)
-Getting home before sunset
-Charities director
-Forgetting everything that happened between August 13th and Nov 17th, 2004 but remembering what i learned from it regardless.
much love to all, best wishes

1 comment:

  1. partying "too hard"? woow... *envy*

    wish i can freeze the moment of partying "too hard".