Friday, November 19, 2004

the past 6 monts

i have easily experienced every emotion ever created in history in these past 6 months.

in no particular order:
stupidity (which is an emotion: i "feel" stupid)

and all of them were felt to their extreme.
its not everyday you feel an emotion for all it has to offer. like you literally FEEL the emotion, tingles and shudders and all. thats feeling an emotion.
for example, the other day i felt disappointment to its full potential. my boss told me that my memory and intelligence were "unexceptable". walking away quickly was all i could do to prevent him from seeing me cry. i made my way to the bathroom. i was disappointed in myself because i couldnt live up to his standards. this sounds so pathetic but i'm not the one reading it so shut the crap up.

in any case. thats my story. my past six months have been an absolute roller coster though it does have its extreme ups but also extreme downs. i do however feel though it is coming to the slow end before it comes to a stop in a nice hotel in alberta.

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