Saturday, November 06, 2004


I'm half watching "Lost in Translation". Only half because I just finished watching another movie and I have a problem with sitting still, I can't do it. Yet whenever I rent movies, I always get 2. This is not the purpose of this post.

What we do when we're alone and why it would freak out any regular human being if they saw it.
For example:
Only when I'm alone in an elevator do I bend my knees when it stops to help my stomach feel not so woozy.

I smile in the mirror after I brush my teeth to see if the $3.95 I spent on the new whitening toothpaste was worth it.

I consistently fix my hair even if I don't plan on seeing another human being before I wash it or go to bed or any other action that would drasticly change it.

I blow my nose like it deserves to be blown. I cannot and will not blow my nose in front of other people. I even hate it if they can hear it. I need a fully empty bathroom or area that is not within eyesight or earshot of my blowing my nose.

If anyone ever saw me fold my laundry they would go nuts. Thus I fold it while alone. I fold my underwear, yes I'm that girl. Every thing must be perfect or it gets re-folded. I think I got this from my mother.

The way I sleep strongly differs from when I'm sleeping in a room by myself compared to sharing a bed or having other people sleeping in the same room. When I'm by myself I think that I look ridiculous, I look like i fell off a moutain, except on a bed. Blankets knotted around limbs, arms hooked around pillows or headboards, toes sticking out edges. I truly look like pile of dirty laundry. When I sleep around other people, I sleep like people do in movies. Straight in one line from top of bed to bottom (compared to diagonally corner to corner) my hands are tightly wrapped around the corner of the blanket and I look like a corpse that has been so effortlessly placed on my bed. This is sad, why do I care so much about the way I look when I sleep?

And last but not least I sing.
Belt it out. No one ever hears me sing like the way I do when I'm alone and no one can hear me. My car, in my room, in the shower. I sing. And I suck nonethless. But as Lisa Simpson asked us: If a tree falls in the woods and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, if I'm the only one around to hear myself, do I really sound that awful? You be the judge.

Now that I've missed 20 minutes of this movie and thus cannot give a legimimate review to my mother, I must go.

Enjoy your day,


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