Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Day to End All Days

I have been moved at work.
I would not say to a better location but to a more interesting one nonetheless.
I'm currently monitoring the structural steel erection, it's a good time because I get to use the word "Erection" properly and sound smart. Who would have thought?

In any case I suppose that it is pretty interesting. Though it has shown me that I never want to do structural stuff.

Oh ya and the best part is that my boss makes me cry on a daily basis.

My life rules.

Though on the plus side I'm going Christmas shopping this weekend which I just love doing. Though I should check my account balance first. Yikes, maybe I'll just go home-made this year. Naw, if there's anything that I enjoy spending money on it's gifts. Hah, I wrap gifts and then make my friends open them right away. Hey IDEA, I'm not going to buy wrapping paper this year. SAVE MONEY. Go team Erica!

Ok ok, I realize this is so dull but whatever, I'm not writing it for YOUR entertainment. I'm writing it because as long as I sign into Blogger fairly often and the internet stays around for as long as I think/hope it will, this journal will last awhile and thus is purely for my own enjoyment.

much love.


  1. Hahaha, erection!

    It might get tough at times, working at that erection site. But you have one thing to remember when overcoming its towering intensity: LUBRICATION!

  2. funny because this erection is going to last 34 days (well the part i'm working on) hah if the erections goes well, it will last 34 days. if it goes bad it will last longer...wait...that would be good...i mean...i'm confusing myself.

  3. Anonymous11:09 AM

    So engineering girls are in fact voracious sex hungry sucubuses. Took long enough to get a straight answer. I feel much better about my career choice now.

    much lust.