Thursday, October 07, 2004


to sum up this week so far in one word, it would be: roadkill.
never have i ran into so many different roadkill situations in one single week:

shall we begin:

Monday, driving home from work, see Emergency response vehicles blocking a lane. for curiosities sake i take a look. there are 2 men. a big snow shovel. a garbage bag. and a dead racoon/porcupine/muskrat/something large and rodent-like. it was sad. the thing was huge and flat. and they stopped traffic for it. i wasnt sad at all that i got home late because of slow traffic. that animal deserved the attention he got. poor guy.

how'd he get to the median though?

Tuesday, Fear Factor. the had to eat road kill. one girl was vegetarian. i laughed. suckers

Wednesday. actually this one goes back to monday as well because monday, tuesday AND wednesday i find myself stopped in traffic at the same stop beside the same flat rabbit. its like in the movies where the perfect tire tracks are right down the middle of his little body. its there every day. there is no Emergency Response for this guy. why are they biased to the larger animals? this one was also in the median.

how do they get to the median of the busiest highway in canada?

why do i keep refering to them as 'him' and 'guy' and 'he'? dont female animals get hit too? stop talking NOW.

BUT WAIT theres more.

though this doesnt have to do with this week.

a few years ago the GREATEST roadkill was produced by my mother. yes, she hit a moose. a full grown, probably million-pound moose. with her truck, it woke my dad up and knocked off the side view mirror. but everyone was ok. had they been in a car they might not be here today. the moose was gone the next morning because most likely some dudes picked up up and made moose jerky out of that thing.

so there you have it, roadkill. isnt it fun?

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